President – Fred Pritchard

Past President – Cindy Stumme

1st Vice President – Raymond Burgess

2nd Vice President – Linda Wakefield

Deputy Sargent at Arms –  Bob Patryluk

Ceremonials – Chair – Bob Patryluk

Cemetery – Bob Patryluk

Bulletin/Archives – Linda Wakefield

Newsletter – Linda Wakefield

Secretary – Maureen Hawkins

Memberships  – Maureen Hawkins, Raymond Burgess

Presidents Secretary – Maureen Hawkins

Publicity – Maureen Hawkins

Service Officer – Cindy Stumme

Treasurer – Cindy Stumme 

Honors & Awards – Raymond Burgess

By-laws and Resolutions – Raymond Burgess 

Bingo – Raymond Burgess

Poppy Trust Fund  Co- Chairs – Cindy Stumme, Linda Wakefield 

Catering – Chef Erich Stumme

Ways and Means – Chair – Cindy Stumme,  Erich Stumme

Sports – Terry Shand, Steve Morrison

Sick & Visiting –Co-Chairs – Laura Hyrich, Linda Baker, Barb Boycey

Building Construction and Maintenance – Mike Hawkins

Volunteer Co-ordinator  –